Why Leo With Love?

Starting this jewellery company has been a dream of mine for years now, but I'd always been scared to take the grand leap into becoming a business owner. When my sister was diagnosed with leukemia in 2013, I hit pause on life to make sure she got better. We spent many hours talking about what the future might hold, how she wanted to start her clothing line and how I'd always wanted to start my jewellery company. So we made a little pact, when she felt ready she would start working on her line and I would start this company when I was back, my sister even picked out the name :) 

Today, my sister Zina is doing amazingly! We are so grateful to be able to fulfil our pact together.

I'd always made jewellery and would make it as a present for people or they'd ask me to makes something as a gift for someone. You've probably noticed that all of my pieces in the Leo With Love collection have names. I created those pieces for that person and used their personalities as an inspiration for the item description. My sister's description is pretty spot on, Zina's earrings have her official stamp of approval. 

So watch this space, there will be more products, and you'll even see a link to Zina's beautiful line when it is ready. 


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