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About Leo

Leo With Love is an all-encompassing brand inspired by empowered women, for empowered women. When women wear my jewellery, I want them to feel as strong and confident as the ones who inspired me. It’s their symbolic armour to go and get things done today- no matter what they’re doing. They got this!

I started this company in 2016 when my sister and I made a pinky promise to each other that we would start our respective businesses together after she recovered from a near-fatal illness. My sister (the inspiration for the Zina earrings) came up with the name Leo With Love, and I loved it.

 All materials used for my jewellery are sourced from Fairtrade certified  suppliers.Most silver items are made using Ecosilver, 100% recycled silver made from scrap jewellery, medical equipment, electronics and giftware.

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